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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question. If not, then I appologize. I was wondering how to hand my C code the Ihandle of an IUP element (in my case a regular dialog) that was created from within a lua script. I found the page in the manual (also in the new version, where it is found under System -> Guide > Other -> IupLua Advanced) mentioning lua_unboxpointer in (Lua 5), but I have no idea what is meant by this and there is no further explanation. I did a full text search for "lua_unboxpointer" in the lua sources as well as the IUP sources and got no hits, same when searching for just "unbox".

Does anyone know what I need? It also mentions lua_touserdata for lua 4, is this what I need for lua 5 then as well? If so, what exactly would I pass to the c function as argument, from the lua script, the dialog object itself?