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Pablo Bleyer Kocik wrote:

 - I had to spend some time converting my old programs that used the
deprecated 'for i in table do ... end' syntax. At first I didn't realize
this was dropped from 5.1 (sorry, I haven't been following the list for a
long time).

'for i in table do ... end' was deprecated in Lua 5.0, not in 5.1.
See in the Lua 5.0 manual (Incompatibilities with version 4.0):
"The old construction for k,v in t, where t is a table, is deprecated (although it is still supported). Use for k,v in pairs(t) instead."

Is there a place where I can find all the syntax changes, quirks
and pitfalls for a smooth transition?

The manual. Search for "incompatibilities".