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Asko Kauppi wrote:
> The authors are, well, the authors.  Take these as an advisory  comments :)

 Of course ;o)

> 1. Lua VM is generally regarded as an implementation detail, and will 
> (at least: has) change if necessary. There are some documentation, 
> however, links have been posted earlier on the list.

 I ultimately use the source code, but I think that a well documented VM
specification has been missing...

> 2. That specific issue was discussed in great depth recently (since  it
> does raise emotions for and against).  A novelties.pdf document  was
> provided some time back (I think part of the Lua Summit 
> presentations?)  I have a local copy (2.7MB) but Google "+Lua 
> +novelties.pdf" should find it?

 I have read it. What I was looking is a transition FAQ or guideline. The
'for...' case was just an example (and I learnt about it searching the
list). I am afraid that, although my code seems to be running correctly,
maybe I am just attempting to tame dragons somewhere.

> 3. Lua is (I think) maintained with version controlling, but the 
> repository is not given public access. This is the way Lua authors do 
> it, and I personally appreciate it. Any changes should be sent as 
> patches to the authors.

 It would be nice if this repository becomes open for public view. I usually
track a lot of software applications through commit history and changelogs.
At least for me the above mentioned FAQ would be unnecessary if I could peek
into the repository.


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