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On Thu, Sep 08, 2005 at 04:22:55PM -0500, Javier Guerra wrote:
> On Thursday 08 September 2005 4:00 pm, Carlos Augusto Teixeira Mendes wrote:
> second, there's as ugly paragraph it the QT license FAQ:
> ----------------------
> Entry number: 182 - Can we use the Open Source Edition while developing our 
> non-opensource application and then purchase commercial licenses when we 
> start to sell it?
> Answer:
> No. Our commercial license agreements only apply to software that was 

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this won't work for trolltech. Even if the code was 
originally gpl, I can release my own code to myself with a different 
license and use that with the commercial Qt (but that's just my opinion; I 
hadn't seen their FAQ before this).

Anyway, the reason why I used GPL was because it seemed like the simplest 
way to do it.. I did use the GPL version of qt, and lua_qt itself would be 
a derivative of that, but most of the code on the final library is 
actually generated by tolua, it doesn't come with the package, so I don't 

There's another situation too: can you make a commercial lua program, and
distribute as one big .luac file along with the lua_qt dlls and the lua 
interpreter (and the source for qt and lua_qt)? Sure, 'entry number 187' 
says you can distribute the program as BSD (which would be a clear 
violation of the GPL), but in this case the program is clearly separated 
from qt, and the lua code is basically closed-source (how much can you get 
from a compiled lua chunk?). Does your lua script become GPL when you 
loadlib() a GPLd library? (I bet trolltech would say yes :)

> it seems that it's OK with TrollTech to release lua_qt with a non-viral 
> license.... IF the author wants to switch it from GPL.  (i guess he chose GPL 
> first to avoid all this guessing)

I guess so..

> BTW, i want to say that lua_qt seems great, and hope to use it soon.  Thank a 
> lot (a big lot!) for your work!

Cool :)