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On Thursday 08 September 2005 4:00 pm, Carlos Augusto Teixeira Mendes wrote:
> What should be clear is that even if Lua_qt is released under MIT license,
> the development of commercial apps with Lua_qt will only be allowed to Qts
> comercial license holders.  I don't think Trolltech would have anything to
> say in this...

first of all, Ariel has to decide if he wants to use another license.  if he 
prefers GPL, that's it.

second, there's as ugly paragraph it the QT license FAQ:
Entry number: 182 - Can we use the Open Source Edition while developing our 
non-opensource application and then purchase commercial licenses when we 
start to sell it?
No. Our commercial license agreements only apply to software that was 
developed with Qt under the commercial license agreement. They do not apply 
to code that was developed with the Qt Open Source Edition prior to the 
agreement. Any software developed with Qt without a commercial license 
agreement must be released as Open Source software.

I guess Ariel used the Open Source Edition QT for developing lua_qt;therefore 
he can't release it as a commercial library.  (this way, for Carlos could buy 
it from Ariel and do commercial development)

I don't know if they can legally forbid that, but at least this is what they 

OTOH, i just found this:
Entry number: 187 - Can I make software with the Qt Open Source Edition and 
release it under the GNU GPL, BSD, or Artistic license?
Yes. The GNU GPL, GPL-compatible licenses, or any other approved open source 
license will do. The and web sites list approved 
software licenses.

it seems that it's OK with TrollTech to release lua_qt with a non-viral 
license.... IF the author wants to switch it from GPL.  (i guess he chose GPL 
first to avoid all this guessing)

BTW, i want to say that lua_qt seems great, and hope to use it soon.  Thank a 
lot (a big lot!) for your work!


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