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> > I've seen that the Lua_qt library is beeing licensed under GPL.
>  Any chance
> > of that beeing changed to the MIT license model (the same used
> under LUA)
> > or even LGPL in order to allow proprietary apps to use it?
> i think here the limiting factor is QT, which has only GPL and commercial
> licenses.

Qt employs a dual license model
(  In the first one you buy the
library license and are entitled to release your application with any
license terms.  In the second one, you use the GPL version of the library
and so must release your code in GPL form.

I'm no expert in license models, but what I understand of them gives me the
following cenarios:

1) GPL Qt +  GPL  Lua_Qt --> No commercial apps allowed due to both licenses

2) GPL Qt +  MIT  Lua_Qt --> No commercial apps allowed due to Qt's

3) Comercial Qt +  GPL Lua_Qt --> No commercial apps allowed due to Lua_Qt's

4) Comercial Qt + MIT Lua_Qt --> Comercial apps allowed

As I see, the author of Lua_qt can release his library under any license he
sees fit.  It's not Trolltech's code so releasing it under MIT, GPL or LGPL
is his (and the company he works for) choice.

>maybe (big maybe) it's possible to make a deal with trolltech if you buy
>developer license.

What should be clear is that even if Lua_qt is released under MIT license,
the development of commercial apps with Lua_qt will only be allowed to Qts
comercial license holders.  I don't think Trolltech would have anything to
say in this...

On the other hand, even if you do have a qt comercial license (which is my
case), the current Lua_qt model doesn't allow it's use in a closed source

-- Carlos Augusto.
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