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On Wednesday 07 September 2005 7:54 pm, William Trenker wrote:
> I would like to suggest that the default port parsed from the incoming
>  http request should be '80' or nil, not the port the Xavante server
> is running on.

your analysis sounds right; i'm trying to remember why i had to specifically 
put a default port there.  i think it's from the pre-copas days.

i'll test it without any default, and if it really belongs there, i'll 
consider using 80.  after all, if there's no port, an 'http://' URL defaults 
to 80

........ some time passes ..........

ok, i found it.  the only use is to set the CGILua 'SERVER_PORT' variable.  
According to the standard CGI protocol: "The port number to which the request 
was sent." seems to agree with you.

but now i think Xavante shouldn't set any default, that should be done in the 
the GCILuaHandler set.api() function 

any comments?


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