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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
> >>This breaking of backwards compatibility makes me very uncomfortable  
> >>with deploying Lua.
> >
> >What backwards compatibility? 'package' and 'module' do not exist in 5.0.
> >--lhf
> I suppose she refers to the work versions of Lua 5.1, whose 
> API/specification/features was explicitely marked as moving target...
> It seems that some people already has invested quite some energy in 
> writing Lua code for the 5.1. They had time to do so ;-)

Yes, I've made quite a few patches publically available relative
to the Lua 5.1 work* versions. But I was _fully aware_ of the
consequences. I.e. that I need to redo all of them for the next
work version(s).

E.g. LuaJIT is (was) ready for public release on Friday.
But then 5.1 alpha came out so I thought I better merge it
before I do the release. This will take some time. But this
is absolutely ok -- if you play with a moving target, you
ought to know what you are doing.

And BTW: I have to agree with Rici ... I have to change less
with every release because bits and pieces of our patches do
find their way into the codebase. So yes, it does pay off to
release patches to work versions.

The one good thing about Lua 5.1 alpha that hasn't been mentioned
yet: io.popen is back!

That said, I still want hex numbers and bit functions. I think
I'll make a patch ... :-)