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Stukov wrote:
> Please help me to find my mistake in 5.1 alpha compilation.

It's not a problem with your compilation.

> After  module(...) all global variables is undefined!

This is documented in the manual that accompanies Lua 5.1 alpha.
Read the comments for package.seeall(), too.

What you really want to do is:

  -- Cache any globals you may want to use.
  local print = print
  local version = _VERSION

  -- Load any other modules you may want to use. Example:
  -- local foo = require "foo"

  -- Start the module definitions. All globals are gone after this!

  function ccc()
    print("Hello world, from ", version, "!\n")

Well, unless you were lazy ... then you could just use

  module(..., package.seeall)

and continue using globals. But this is slower and not
the recommended practice.

A recent mailing list thread inspired this change: