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On 25-Aug-05, at 5:04 PM, Ben Sunshine-Hill wrote:

UTF8: IIRC, Lua supports UTF8 in strings but may have trouble if you
try to use UTF8 identifiers in code or string literals. I haven't done
much i18n, though, so someone else should correct me on this.

UTF8 will work fine in string literals (but Lua won't convert to UTF8). But you would not be able to use multibyte characters in identifiers.

On 23-Aug-05, at 10:45 PM, Alain wrote:

2) I can edit llex.c and make a syntaticaly simpler Lua language. I will check if this can do what I want.

Indeed you can, but I'm still at a loss as to what Lua syntactic constructions you consider complicated.

3) Remove from Lua all possibilty of loading modules and even functions from Lua code. This will probably require altering the code to remove "loadstring" , "loadlib" and "require" (maybe some others...)

Loading arbitrary libraries is obviously dangerous in an uncontrolled environment. But I fail to see any benefit to preventing people from maintaining their own libraries of Lua functions. If they can't do that, they'll end up cutting and pasting the code into every script, which is a maintenance nightmare (and unnecessarily bulky). This strikes me as a way to complicate people's lives, rather than simplify them.