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> What I really wanted is this: a much simpler scripting language than
> LUA, but I want LUA to execute it. Building a language is too
> complicated and LUA does it well. But Lua is too complex to leave in the
> hands of normal users, this is why: they will write things that don't
> work, then they will call ME to fix it.

My answer to this is -

Explicitly disclaim support for user scripts.  Or, explicitly state you will
charge some ridiculous amount of money to fix user scripts - it is custom
programming after all.

Or is this for some internal company tool?  If that's the case, simply tell
them to look up their mess in PiL - it's freely available.  Unless your job
description includes teaching every ninny at work how to program....

Any way you look at it, there is no way on Earth you can prevent a user from
writing buggy code.  Erase the thought from your mind.  It is absolutely,
positively and in all other ways inconceivable.  You CANNOT possibly predict
every last mistake, typo or lame-brained scheme that your users will dream
up.  So, your best bet is to forget it and take the solution offered.  Save
yourself!  Save your sanity!


"This was supposed to be fool-proof, but the fools are so damned ingenius!"