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1, 2, 3, 4a, 6: Sounds fine, but keep in mind that you are going out
of your way to keep people from doing things that they may really want
to do. Be prepared to spend a lot of time supporting alternatives to
the functionality you have taken away from them.

4b: Careful there. Using a scripting language without being able to
define your own globals would be a pain in the arse. Consider having
globals protected by default, but having a function to add globals.

5. If you are so concerned with not letting scripts do very much,
consider putting them in separate environments.

UTF8: IIRC, Lua supports UTF8 in strings but may have trouble if you
try to use UTF8 identifiers in code or string literals. I haven't done
much i18n, though, so someone else should correct me on this.

Limiting execution time: This is an OS-specific thing. The effect of
it, though, should be to set a line hook in the VM when you decide you
want a script to die suddenly. Then the script will break on the next