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Richard Ranft escreveu:
My answer to this is -
Explicitly disclaim support for user scripts.  Or, explicitly state you will
charge some ridiculous amount of money to fix user scripts - it is custom
programming after all.

That is ok and most of the time works. Users most of the time have a way of transforming a situation, and then is when I don't trust them.

If a user can say: "The specs say it is Lua code, this is Lua code so it should work for you too". That is when they get most agressive. When I can say that it isn *not* lua, but something with special limitation and if I can enforce such limitations, then I *can*trust* the users because they have no ground for argueing.

In the last years, I learned some interesting things about users: if they thing that they will get away with it, they will try to break it. If they feel that you can catch them (audit logs, video recordings) then they don't even try.

"This was supposed to be fool-proof, but the fools are so damned ingenius!"