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I'd like to bother you with an idea that I got last Monday, on the way to Helsinki. It's about a "virtual pda" kind of product (open source project), that'd run on multiple platforms. Basically, it's the "way to go" after LuaX, and would be ready... well, not very soon.

Anyhow, the idea would be:

- save all files on svn or cvs server
- syncing happens from the pad to the server, not between pad & pc as today - multiple users automatically supported, just log in to another svn/ cvs account
- lost your device?  get a new one, sync, all your files are back
- also programs (Lua, of course!) would be stored in the svn/cvs, thus sharing them as well as data
- ...

Do you know if there's any existing implementation of such svn/cvs filesystem, or any usage experiences. It would be the foundation of the thing, together with Lua. All applications shall be Lua scripts, making them run regardless of the underlying OS (Linux, BSD, OS X, Winxx, Pocket PC, 770).

(Why support desktop? First, it's cool for development. Second, cause we can. :) Third, it may be just as easier to arrange your PDA stuff on the bigger screen..)

Graphically, the concept would be alpha-blended SDL based one app fills the whole screen (= non-windowed) UI. This can pretty much be done already, only the "system" stuff s.a. handling several Lua programs at once needs to be implemented.

So.. this route is different than the "GTK+" and "OS independent windowing" I had planned for LuaX earlier. Been somewhat stalled, not having the route to future clear, and thus not going anywhere. I fancy small, portable devices (embedded, well) so this route really seems the right one for me. Comments, criticism are welcome.

yours, -asko

ps. yes, it's the "Lua OS" in a way.  In a nice way, I hope. :)