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On 18-Aug-05, at 5:03 PM, Asko Kauppi wrote:

Do you know if there's any existing implementation of such svn/cvs filesystem, or any usage experiences.

This sounds to me more like WebDAV than svn, although of course you can use svn as a WebDAV repository. There are lots of implementations of this; I haven't yet heard of an OS which can boot from a WebDAV filesystem, but I don't suppose it would be that difficult, either. I'm personally quite fond of the Mac OS X WebDAV integration, which actually allows you to mount a WebDAV filesystem, so that it's completely transparent to the user (that is, me :) ); I think that's better than desktop integration, which makes the WebDAV filesystem visible in the GUI but not necessarily available in a command-line shell.

So count me as a happy user of WebDAV filesystems.

It would be the foundation of the thing, together with Lua. All applications shall be Lua scripts, making them run regardless of the underlying OS (Linux, BSD, OS X, Winxx, Pocket PC, 770).

Sounds very cool.