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That´s good news. I had the impression that Delphi use only stdcall. VB still use it, right?

	I'm not the right person to answer anything about VB :)

For every new version that is not backward compatible we have to add the version number to the file name (at least the major version number). So several versions of Lua can coexist in the same system, can be easily linked, and identified.

	Perfectly understood and agreed.

We also discussed this issue. It is easier if everything was distributed in dynamic library form. But if the DLL distribution is not standard then things get harder again. Also not all developers feel
comfortable working with dynamic libraries.

Not all develelopers feels comfortable about anything. This mailing list is a good place of reference about it. (see below)

What we are doing is a first step toward that direction. Maybe we are on the right track, maybe we have to fix it among the way. But now at least we have two groups using the same set of libraries.

Great! I shall use your naming convention/dynamic libraries from now on, since this looks like some kind of 'semi-official' project or, at least, a well supported one. Everybody should do the same too.

Lua stopped to be a C-exclusive extension. Many developers using many languages are using it in very different ways. Most still use or will remain using it compiled into the final executable or into proprietary libraries but some can't or just don't want to do it for whatever obscure reason he/she has/had.

In the end, I think, it don't hurt much to press the compile button, zip/gz/bz2 etc. and upload the DLL to somewhere. Does it?

Finally, again, I'm glad that somebody took the initiative to make a standard set of binaries, specially for Windows. Keep the good work ;)