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we have created a Lua / Fox binding. It is at a very early stage but already 
usable for simple applications. The project is hosted here:

There is only a Linux tested source release right now, but we plan to add a 
precompiled Windows version within the next two days.
This is how a FXLua application looks like:

-- script start
require "compat-5.1"
require "fxlua"


local function main ()
	local app = FXApp.Create ("Hello")
	app:init ()
	local win = FXMainWindow.Create (app, "Hello")
	FXButton.Create (win, "&Hello World!", nil, win, ID_BUTTON)
	win:connect_event (FX.SEL_COMMAND, ID_BUTTON, function () win:close () end)
	app:create ()
	win:showPlaced (FX.PLACEMENT_SCREEN)
	app:run ()

main ()
-- script end

Feedback is welcome.
- Uwe