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Hi again.

I hope this thread is not off topic. If so, where is the correct place to talk about luacom?

Nicolas Decoster wrote :


I need to communicate with an app using com object. As I don't want to start compiling c++ on windows, I decided to see if scripting language can do the job. Since a few months I keep an eye on lua, and I think it is the opportunity to try it. In particulary because there is something called "luacom".

It's a kind of challenge for me because I am new in all of this (windows developpement, COM and lua).

End of introduction.

The question is

I have downloaded luacom to test it. The first demo (ado) worked. But when I tried the "server" demo I had several pbs.

* Using the exe of luacom, I can't use /Register argument to start the server (as the demo readme suggest to do). I have looked at source of luacom exe and I see that arguments processing is changed: all arguments are treat as lua file. So it complains that it doesn't find /Register file... * So, I decided to use luacom as a library on another lua exe. I downloaded several of them (,, luacheia5-win32-5.0.1a5.exe and luacom-1.3b2-iup-bin.tgz) but none of them contains lua-5.0.dll nor lualib-5.0.dll needed by luacom (see luacom doc section 2.1). In effect, lua complains about it when I type require("luacom"). I naively copy Lua.dll and LuaLib.dll (from to match these names but now lua complains about a missing "lua_dofile"... Then I thought I must have missed something important about installation or configuration.

Can anyone help me on this?

I can...

In particulary, for those who use luacom, which lua binary package do you use (i.e. the one that contains lua-5.0.dll)?

In fact, I tried a little bit further, and renaming dlls of luacheia allows me to successfull execute require("luacom"). Houra. And even better, in the directory luacom/demo/server if I type

   lua5 inproc.lua /Register

at the winxp command prompt, it leads to absolutely no warning nor error messages. But unfortunatelly the next step fails...

   lua5 inproc_use.lua

raises an error. In fact, calling

   local obj = luacom.CreateObject("testlua.Teste")

returns nil as it shouldn't.

Any suggestions?