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I need to communicate with an app using com object. As I don't want to start compiling c++ on windows, I decided to see if scripting language can do the job. Since a few months I keep an eye on lua, and I think it is the opportunity to try it. In particulary because there is something called "luacom".

It's a kind of challenge for me because I am new in all of this (windows developpement, COM and lua).

End of introduction.

The question is

I have downloaded luacom to test it. The first demo (ado) worked. But when I tried the "server" demo I had several pbs.

* Using the exe of luacom, I can't use /Register argument to start the server (as the demo readme suggest to do). I have looked at source of luacom exe and I see that arguments processing is changed: all arguments are treat as lua file. So it complains that it doesn't find /Register file... * So, I decided to use luacom as a library on another lua exe. I downloaded several of them (,, luacheia5-win32-5.0.1a5.exe and luacom-1.3b2-iup-bin.tgz) but none of them contains lua-5.0.dll nor lualib-5.0.dll needed by luacom (see luacom doc section 2.1). In effect, lua complains about it when I type require("luacom"). I naively copy Lua.dll and LuaLib.dll (from to match these names but now lua complains about a missing "lua_dofile"... Then I thought I must have missed something important about installation or configuration.

Can anyone help me on this?

In particulary, for those who use luacom, which lua binary package do you use (i.e. the one that contains lua-5.0.dll)?

Thanks in advance.


Nicolas Decoster <>
Noveltis - Parc Technologique du Canal
2, avenue de l'Europe - 31526 Ramonville Saint Agne Cedex - France
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