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I disagree. 
This sort of defeats the purpose of the rationalization.
Given that luaconf.h is only #inclded by the C modules
in the Lua distro, maybe the way to do this is to talk
Luiz/Roberto into changing the luaconf.h .include to

#ifndef LUACONF_H
#define LUACONF_H "luaconf.h"
#include LUACONF_H

Then you could override this location as you wish..

cl /D LUACONF_H=''"my_alternate_conf.h'"

However, you remind me of a related issue.
luaconf.h defines lua_userinit..
This would appear to make the define in lua.c for
LUA_USERCONFIG to be redundant.

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 23:31:29 +0200, Asko Kauppi  wrote:
> The only thing I (still) have against it, is that the lua_conf.h file
> should imho be located elsewhere, separate from the source files.
> The reason? Since C compilers always use a header if it's found in the
> same dir with a source file, this layout makes it impossible to have
> just a custom configuration, but otherwise use the sources from the
> official dir.
> Since luaconf.h is by its nature a separate kind of file than the 'read
> only' sources and headers, I think this request would be valid from the
> 'clarity' point of view, as well.
> -ak
> 16.2.2005 kello 23:07, David Burgess kirjoitti:
>   On Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo  wrote:
> >> Like I said in the announcement, the main change in 5.1w4 is the
> >> simplification
> >> of the Makefiles. They look much simpler and at the same time are
> >> more powerful
> >> (in the Lua tradition). We're pretty happy with the change. I hope
> >> others are
> >> as well (not having seen any complaints here yet).
> >> --lhf
> >
> > I think it is a great improvement.
> >