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The only thing I (still) have against it, is that the lua_conf.h file should imho be located elsewhere, separate from the source files.

The reason? Since C compilers always use a header if it's found in the same dir with a source file, this layout makes it impossible to have just a custom configuration, but otherwise use the sources from the official dir.

Since luaconf.h is by its nature a separate kind of file than the 'read only' sources and headers, I think this request would be valid from the 'clarity' point of view, as well.


16.2.2005 kello 23:07, David Burgess kirjoitti:

 On Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo  wrote:
Like I said in the announcement, the main change in 5.1w4 is the simplification of the Makefiles. They look much simpler and at the same time are more powerful (in the Lua tradition). We're pretty happy with the change. I hope others are
as well (not having seen any complaints here yet).

I think it is a great improvement.