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> I just came (finally) to merge the 5.1w3 -> 5.1w4 changes for lua into
> my archive for Aranha only to discover that there's been a huge
> rearrangement in the src/ directory.

This is the new layout. It allows for much simpler Makefiles, avoiding
recursive makes.

Like I said in the announcement, the main change in 5.1w4 is the simplification
of the Makefiles. They look much simpler and at the same time are more powerful
(in the Lua tradition). We're pretty happy with the change. I hope others are
as well (not having seen any complaints here yet).

The process is now clearly separated into a build step and a install step.
The build happens completely inside src/. The installation is done at your
selected location. You can get the previous arrangement by doing "make local"
as explained in INSTALL. So, the best of both worlds.