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Diego Nehab wrote:


How much usage would you find for a complete GTK+2 wrapper, and what
level of abstraction would be preferred?  This is a delicate issue,
since being close to C API is easier to move/adapt/has docs, while more
abstraction allows for more Lua-like abilities.

The more UI bindings, the better, I think. As to the level of
abstraction, I tend to prefer two layers. The first is a simple bind of
the C API to Lua. Then, on top of that, a simpler abstraction that can
look more Lua-like. This is/was the approach I used when I was working
in IupLua and it seemed to work well.


I can only agree to Diego: 2 layers. However, since I'm currently working with IUP, which has an almost ideal level of abstraction for a rapid GUI development and for applications, where the GUI itself is not the main selling message, I would like to
see IUP as the higher abstraction layer.