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On Feb 05, 2005, at 16:16, David Burgess wrote:

Then use luasocket beta3

Ok... tracked down beta3 in, er, Princeton: home.html#download

But no dice when trying to compile it:

libtool: file: compat-5.1r2/compat-5.1.o is not an object file (not allowed in a library)
make: *** [lsocket.dylib] Error 1

I'm obviously doing something very wrong again. Any help much welcome!

Alternatively, does anyone have a pre-compiled version of LuaSocket for Mac OS X which *just* works with Lua 5.1?

<rant> As an aside, there must be an easier way to handle all this 'require' madness each time on want to add a tiny little piece of functionality to Lua. And no, restlessly hacking the Lua VM left and right is not a reasonable option. Either the Lua VM seamlessly handles loading third party extensions or it just doesn't and Lua will languish as a glorified ascii text format for another decade. </rant>


PA, Onnay Equitursay