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On Feb 03, 2005, at 20:22, Diego Nehab wrote:

Talking of splitting... from my perspective, LuaSocket is either a
misnomer or it tries to do too many things at the same time...

The name LuaNet was taken, NetLib was too... :)

DiegoLib? ;)

I do want to distribute these things as separate libraries.  It would
simply be a maintenance, distribution, and installation nightmare.  How
would the reuse be increased? Things are already modular.  Perhaps the
same effect can be achieved by better advertisement?

Hmmm... not sure if this is really a question of advertising the library functionality. For me, beside neat functional separation, the main distinction is between pure Lua code and external, "native", C library dependencies.

I would say that the core deals with the transport layer. Whatever case
it might be. I always had plans to support local domain sockets (which
I already distribute as a sample), pipes, named pipes, so on and so
forth. These things have to be implemented in C.

Yes. And LuaSocket should stick to just that :)

I would leave DNS in the core, since there is not much you can do with
TCP/IP and UDP without DNS.

Fair enough.

(3) A generic MIME handling facility.

(4) LTN12 as a little world in itself. Filters, sources, sinks, pumps
are useful generic concept which could be used in many different

These two are already completely independent from the rest of LuaSocket.

Good. How do I use them outside of LuaSocket's realm?

However, other LuaSocket modules depend on them, and were the original
motivation for their development.


PA, Onnay Equitursay