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> Diego Nehab <>

> Assuming you refuse to use LuaSQL and really want to do your database
> connectivity with LuaSocket...

> > Is it possible to include LuaSocket into the standard Lua language
> > without any changes to the existing syntax (eg. require and so on)
> > As an example its easy to include the posix library only on the C
> > side to enhance the standard language. But how is this possible with
> > LuaSocket? I dislike all the additional stuff: http ftp smpt...

> I am not sure I understand what is it that you dislike.

Simple: I wrote my own libraries e.g. http, mime... furthermore I
changed / enhanced the standard behaviour of "require" and some other
keywords direct in Lua. Its a simple Lua file the interpreter starts
first. So I don't like to end up in a mix beween two same purpose

I think it should be simple to get only the really Lua components
(libraries) needed. Not forced to use any other component or enhance
require only to support a socket library. I think packages conglomerates
on this low level are the wrong way.

> Lua "standard" does not come with support for sockets. You have to do
> something to get that support loaded and available. This can be done
> with the "require" business, or you can build your own interpreter and
> "preinstall" everything so that scripts can just use it as if someone
> else had called "require".

> Is that enough?

Yes. If the last way works as simple as posix library, bitlib library
and others then it would be wonderfull. But it seems that socket library
needs more special things here and there. Or not and I am wrong here?