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On Feb 03, 2005, at 02:19, Diego Nehab wrote:

Does this exist or is it your suggestion for a split between LuaSocket
and the MIME support?

Talking of splitting... from my perspective, LuaSocket is either a misnomer or it tries to do too many things at the same time...

There are several core functionalities in LuaSocket which don't have much to do with 'sockets' in the first place, but are very useful by themselves:

(1) The core of LuaSocket, as I understand it, is Socket, TCP and UDP. That should be all. Nothing more. Nothing less :)

(2) The netlib stack includes application level protocol build on top of the core Socket functionality: DNS, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, URL.

(3) A generic MIME handling facility.

(4) LTN12 as a little world in itself. Filters, sources, sinks, pumps are useful generic concept which could be used in many different contexts.

In a sense, LuaSocket is really 4 generic libraries rolled into one. Splitting them along those functional lines would seriously increase reuse and general usefulness and could even be viewed as the foundation of a standard set of Lua packages :)


PA, Onnay Equitursay