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Once you get these things done, why not make a page of "things to cut from Lua without killing it" to the Wiki, for example? It'd be interesting.

I wouldn't mind Lua to actually have '-DLUA_MINIMAL' support, but the authors probably wouldn't go for it..


1.2.2005 kello 11:25, Klaus Ripke kirjoitti:

 On Tuesday 01 February 2005 03:18, Greg McCreath wrote:
We're looking for about 100k (or less) for the program size (above our
own software), and we'll have maybe 300-400k of memory to play with.

Yet another number: statically linking 5.0.2 with dietlibc 0.27 (intel linux)
I get about 110K including compiler and all standard libs
(but w/o dlopen, which diet lacks).
W/o compiler and libs I get around 50K, still statically linked and
including stdio (which alone makes ~8K due to one or two nasty,
nut easy to remove uses in the core).

Going for a small static build,
I'd replace stdio (just in the middle of doing it, out soonish),
remove locale-related stuff (the POS will not switch the locale?)
and use an integer-based built w/o all the math and especially
the %f decimal/binary float conversion, which is a killer
(or at least restrict it to %a, which is small, fast and exact).