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Get in touch with the LuaChip project. They're exactly on the same lane as you are, I think.

As to coroutines, I don't use them either, but they might actually be _very_ benefitial in a low-resources target, where real multithreading may not exist.

1.2.2005 kello 02:45, Greg McCreath kirjoitti:

Thanks Ashwin,

We certainly want the parser in the device. I guess we could go back to
v4, but then we've got ourselves down a dead end street.  No more bug

The language looks perfect and very powerful.  We just need to make it
smaller and then make sure it can run at an acceptable speed!

All help appreciated.


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Subject: Re: Reducing the size of Lua.

What options do we have to reduce the size of the Lua.  We do not need
many of the newish language features.  I notice a steady progression
complexity since the earlier releases (Coroutines and such).  Can we
remove them?

Things definitely seem to be getting more complex alright...

How about having a look at Lua 4? I'm not sure if it's actually smaller,
but... it doesn't contain all the newer stuff [;-)].

Also, I remember the parser could be decoupled in earlier versions. Not
sure if that's still the case, though. I've never done this myself.
You'd have to rely on precompiled scripts, for this option to be viable.

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