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I did, but since my praise :) for SubEthaEdit hardly makes non-OS X users very happy (don't want to spoil your life more than it is already.. ;P) I did that by a personal email.

SEE for instructions on customizing the syntax highlight, or .. ask me.

On Linux, I use Bluefish ( :) which being a 'web editor' is highly usable for program code, as well.

Feeling nasty today, I guess.

29.1.2005 kello 21:11, Philippe Lhoste kirjoitti:

 PA wrote:
Does anyone know of a decent Lua editor for Mac OS X?
Right now, I'm trying to use SubEthaEdit (don't ask):
It does a fairly decent job at syntax coloring, but doesn't recognize function declaration that well.
Any alternatives?

I am surprised that nobody answered this question, as programmers usually love to praise their favorite editor, and a number of Lua-philes work (works?) on Mac OS X (Asko?). Personnally, I use this system only from time to time, and until now never for programming.

Well, usually, I praise my favorite editor, to which I contributed (so I am biaised, but everybody is biaised on this topic anyway). I worked on the Lua lexer, among other things, notably on the literal string/block comment nesting. I still wonder how I will manage the new syntax with stars, BTW. Probably by limiting the number of stars and the nesting levels.

Anyway, this editor is SciTE, which run natively on Windows and GTK+ platforms. I know it has been compiled for Mac OS X and there must be some binaries to be found on the Net.

Of course, there is also probably a lot of Unix editors (vi, emacs, etc.), but they sure won't have the native look and feel...

That's all I can contribute, sorry.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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