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> PA wrote
> > If someone would be bold (or maybe just naive) enough to try Copas 
> > with other protocols please let me know.
> Failing in the "just plain naive" category, I volunteer! I'm planning 
> to write a tiny POP3 server :))

Great! Thanks for the naivete... :o)

> Where do I find this mythical Copas though? I have looked at Kepler 
> Project's site, but I cannot seem to easily locate neither Copas nor 
> Xavante... got an URL?

Ok, there is not. Xavante is running on the old dispatcher and I can send it if you want to take a look. Diego has just presented the pseudo code for the new dispatcher, we should have it implemented soon. 

Copas is still an prototype, what we are looking for is someone like you with a server need and the will to try the source as we pump it out. We should have news this week.

Sorry if I sound deceptive...

Andre Carregal