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duck wrote:
Is this "Tao@" the same as the compile-to-VM-based and then JIT-compile-to-native-if-you-can parallel processing OS called Taos (a UK-based firm IIRC) which turned up in the heyday of Transputer-flavoured multiprogamming at the end of the 80s and
the start of the 90s (1980s and 1990s, that is)?

Yup, that's it. intent (spelt with a small i even at the beginning of sentences) is the hosted version of Elate, which is version 2 of TAOS.

These days intent is mostly being used as a Java VM; the whole byte-code thing means that we can write a single, highly optimised Java to VP translator and we get really fast JIT Java execution on any platform that intent runs on. Porting our JVM to a new platform involves doing no work; porting the VP translator to a new platform does involve work, but much less than doing a tradition Java interpreter port.

We still have a RiscPC with an eight-way Transputer board somewhere in a cupboard...

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