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> intent;, although that's really a marketing website and 
> doesn't contain much actual information. It's main claim to fame is extreme 
> portability --- code gets compiled into byte-code, which gets translated into 
> machine code as its loaded. Near-native performance on any platform, with 
> portable binaries.

You're not joking about the marketroidism :-) And I quote:

"intent® enables the delivery of products, applications and data 
services that synchronize consumer expectations with the revenue 
required to sustain the network operators, device manufacturers, 
silicon vendors, content developers and application providers."

Applying a very slightly lossy compression algorithm one gets:

"Piss in my bucket and I'll piss in yours"

Is this "Tao@" the same as the compile-to-VM-based and then 
JIT-compile-to-native-if-you-can parallel processing OS called 
Taos (a UK-based firm IIRC) which turned up in the heyday of 
Transputer-flavoured multiprogamming at the end of the 80s and
the start of the 90s (1980s and 1990s, that is)?