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> To do sockets, you basically have to have threads
> to handle blocking/cancellation, and that intervenes
> in the core too if you do it right (so coroutines never
> block).

In my case, I already did the LuaThreads core rebuild,
which covered me for sockets with threads.

BTW, why are threads needed for a single-threaded
non-blocking socket server which uses coroutines and
select? Isn't it possible to write a genuinely single-
threaded server which is still responsive and scaleable,
relying just on select?

> To run with a GUI, you will need to fiddle the core
> too, since most GUI are badly designed crap which
> have event loops that take over main control.

I'll take your word for it. I don't have much use for
GUI code in Lua (want scriptable sysadmin stuff). 
Apart from firefox, which I find quite easy to use, and
GIMP, which I don't, I don't do a lot of GUI stuff. I
find GUI programs a bit confusing. All those weird icons
which I can't make head or tail of. Powerpoint's fairly
useable (at least compared to the OOo alternative) but
is a bit weak on Unix :-)