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On Thursday 20 January 2005 11:24, skaller wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 21:34, David Given wrote:
> > Point of information: the OS I work on during my real job does everything
> > non-blocking.
> Which OS is that? [I'm curious ..]

intent;, although that's really a marketing website and 
doesn't contain much actual information. It's main claim to fame is extreme 
portability --- code gets compiled into byte-code, which gets translated into 
machine code as its loaded. Near-native performance on any platform, with 
portable binaries.

I'm using Lua as a general scripting language for doing builds, massaging data 
files and the like, and also experimenting with it as an RAD language for the 
GUI system. I managed to implement a UDP-based instant messaging system, 
complete with GUI, in 42 lines of Lua. Not bad.

However, this is still all internal and experimental, and may not make it into 
a product. This message is unofficial and is likely to be a figment of my 

> > Linux is getting support for real AIO, but it's non-standard and not yet
> > there.
> Meantime, people have to do user space hackery.

*sigh* Nods.

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