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duck wrote:
>Why? OO is basically debunked. Time to learn the more modern
>functional style which Lua supports well.

Oh well, I learn that just before starting a long training on OO and Java... :-)

Don't worry. Just wear the tinfoil hat each day and you will be fine.

I am not sure I understand the tinfoil hat metaphor...

Java, eh? By some, surely God-given, grace I have avoided it, *and* C++, for many years.

Is that why you take the "duck" surname?... :-)

But I keep a tinfoil hat up my sleeve (if you will pardon the absurd metaphor) at most times, just in case things
might change.

So, out of curiosity, what are you using, beside Lua (one have to keep that on topic ;-) )?

Philippe Lhoste
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