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CPB currently is Win32. Ideally it could be cross platform, that's a ways
down the road. In order for it to work with Elf's would be another 2nd
stage, there's a ways to go to support everything required for C++ on W32
as it is. :)

I believe the library your're looking for to read ELF's symbol data is
BFD. It's a support library to the GDB debugger. That along with BinUtils
should give everything needed to do the trick.

The binding mechanism and the parsing step would be to be more separate
for the multi-platform implementation. It's somethign in need to do for
the W32 as well since shipping out with debug information isn't very
practical. Although it's still useful for quick and dirty scripting work.


> > A similar thing can de done for ELF and gcc-generated debug information.
> > There's probably a library for accessing this info somewhere -- perhaps
> > buried inside gdb.
> It's called .. wait for it .. libelf .. :)

>I don't think libelf provides an interface to RTTI (or is it DWARF2?).
>Do you know any library that can extract DWARF2 info?