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skaller wrote:
On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 17:08, André de Leiradella wrote:

I'd like to see classes implemented in the core as first class values,
not just commonalized or standardize.

Why? OO is basically debunked. Time to learn the more modern
functional style which Lua supports well.

Oh well, I learn that just before starting a long training on OO and Java... :-)

Well, one have to be pragmatic. If you do programming as a job, at least in France, you have to master C/C++ or Java, ideally both. I put aside assembly languages or business specialized languages (JD Edwards), or Web languages (PHP, Perl, JavaScript...).

Sometime, I see wanted Visual Basic or Delphi knowledge, very rarely Python or Fortran, never Ruby nor Lua (alas), not to mention Lisp, Eiffel, Caml or other derivatives of ML, etc.

This can be different in other countries, but that's the way of jobs in France. Even MS' .NET technology is only slowly taking off here... That's why people like me open big eyes when first hearing of closures, curry (Indian?), memoizing or such "exotic" words seen in the Lua list... ;-)

BTW, obviously Lua can be used as pure procedural language, it can make a decent OO language as it seems, but does functional programming purists see it as a functional language or only as a language with some FP features? (Like functions as first-class object, closures, lexical scoping (whatever it is...), etc.; If I understood all that I read ;-) )

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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