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El 12/01/2005, a las 5:22, skaller escribió:

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 11:13, Mike Pall wrote:

There is still some way to go until we can do the equivalent of 'cpan foo'
to install a module.

That would be really great, but we need a standard packaging system, in order to have a standard package distribution system. Note that having a working LuaSocket opened the door to have a CPAN-like module repository in Lua.

As a newbie, I can't even *find* the modules people talk about.

Just take a look at the «Libraries and Bindings» page at the Lua-users wiki:

And that afirmation from Skaller saying "can't even find modules" demostrates that we need the standard packaging system, and we need it now. Now modules might be hard to find; but if modules are "hard to find", they're "even harder to install"!!!

I strongly believe that all the efforts that we, all the Lua community, are making towards standarization in module packaging worths adding a new feature to the Lua core. And note that the new packaging system only added a few not-so-big functions to Lua sources, so I think the current implementation has a very good functionality vs. size tradeoff :-D

Adrian Perez
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