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> Hi,
> Andre de Leiradella wrote:
>> I didn't look at the package system proposal [...]
>> [...] because the code to do it would still be there [...]
> Everything related to packages is inside one source file and it's
> pretty easy not to link it in. It does help to do a bit of research
> sometimes. ;-)  
Sorry about questioning something without looking at it first, but as I
said this whole package system is useless for me right now (it may
change in the futureof course) and would just bloat my apps. Of course I
know it's very usefull to others, I just wanted it to be optional.
Knowing that it can be disabled at compile time is a relief! 

I did a little research on other scripting languages a while ago because
I wanted a true OO language. I found some languages that fit, they're
all bloated with modules systems and the core distro comes with many
modules that I didn't want to use. But the bloated source code plus
autoconf and my develop platform (Windows) made it impossible to even
compile them. I managed to compile elastiC but it hangs, probably
because of my tweaking to disable the module system. That's what I love
in Lua: small distro, ANSI C, easy to compile.

> Bye,
>      Mike


Andre de Leiradella