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Hi Tom,

> 	In the future we are looking to develop an ultra cheap platform that
> will be able to provide these information and other technology services.
> At this point in time we are using a customised Linux distribution as
> the operating system, and we are looking for our language of choice.

Could you throw some light on what exactly your 'language of choice' will be
for? For example are you looking for a language to replace whatever shell
the current Linux distribution you are using provides OR are you looking for
a language along the lines of PERL, TCL but only smaller in footprint,.... 

> what we are seeking at this point is any information that would help
> us on this decision.  Does anyone have experience using Lua in an embedded
> environment (as in hardware embedded, rather than software)? Or even in
> a handheld environment?

Lua is designed for embedded environments ('from the ground up' as many
would say and I agree) and you should find many on this list with such
experience - I am surprised with the few replies that you got for your post.
May I gently remind you to provide a subject line when you post to a mailing
list, this will certainly get you more readership and possibly more

> Comments, suggestions etc would be most gratefully received.  For
> more information, there is a P3 web site:

As others have suggested, you should look hard for such an ambitious
project. Since you asked, here is one alternative that may interest you but
MAY require some work for your target environment. Try TCC (Tiny C Compiler)
available at which can also double up as
a C language interpreter. It of course does not have all fun features of Lua
but it has its own merits.

Vijay Aswadhati