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> Another common option for virtual file systems (as used in 
> games, for example) is encryption. So it would be wise to 
> have an option to add some sort of filter to the .LAR 
> reader/creator...

Yes, filters based on LTN12
( are on the back of our

> BTW, I talk about Zip because it is a common tool. It could 
> be tar as well (though it's not so common on Windows). But 
> it's not a good idea to have a completely new archive format, 
> because we'll lose the easy archive 
> creation/browsing/modification that a tool like Zip provides. 

In fact the first work version of LAR supported zip and tar(.gz).
But I think we are going to stick to one format (zip), instead of supporting

> I suppose Java picked Zip for the same reason. (It's a pity 
> that Zip rules the archiving world when there are much better 
> solutions like Rar, but that's a completely different topic).

As you said, compression is not the primary concern, so zip works pretty