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Scott wrote:
> I'd like to have my game ai (it's a shoot em up) running as scripts.  
> I've figured what I want to do is use coroutines.  I've looked them
> got a handle on how they work from the lua script side but how does
> tie up with the C side?  What's the best way of calling scripts?  
> wouldn't dofile be a bad idea in game?  if not dostring?

There is an example of coroutines in Doris. See

You'll need to get the coroutine example from CVS:

Look at the gravity.lua example. It's lots of objects under the 
influence of each others mass.

Doris is bound to OpenGL so this is an example of how you run a main 
loop using GLUT, with Lua listening to update callbacks and then calling

GL. You could write your game using GL and Doris using a similar set up 
to the one here.

I'm, very slowly admittedly, adding SDL and network support to Doris so 
it should have sound, joystick and net support in the future.