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Hi all,

I finally managed to relocate Lua RPMs from Reuben's site to my own
ISP. New URL is

ugly, I know, but that's the best I can do for the moment -- if anyone
else would like to host the RPMs, I'd be glad to maintain them wherever
they are.

Many thanks go to Reuben for starting this effort and putting up with my
laziness. I'll do my best to keep up (with his work, not my laziness

lua-users wiki has already been updated (thks again, Reuben), and I
already updated Freshmeat entry (should take a while to go live,
though, since it must be reviewed by Freshmeat staff).

Please feel free to contact me here or (better) at blueser AT gmail DOT
com regarding Lua RPMs.



Andre Oliveira da Costa