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Ed Fear wrote:

Any ideas on how this is done?

I'd quite like to know about this too, but I've noticed that, in my
short period on this list, "howto" questions often don't get answered.
Which is a shame.

In reply to you and Scott, questions which people remember have been
answered before on the list are often ignored (to avoid lots of posts of
the 'search the archives' nature). The first thing you should do when
you have a question is search the archives, if you then can't find any
help you should post a concise question.

Just for you guys,  I searched the archive and found this post:

It's often more efficient to 'tick' all your coroutines in a loop in Lua
than to keep entering and returning from Lua in a c++ loop.

When profiling the code in the above post the Lua 'housekeeping' code
never showed up.