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Ashwin Hirschi wrote:

> A benefit that hasn't been mentioned yet [or has
> only been hinted at?] is *updating* deployed systems.

> Since our deployed software can basically be a 
> small runtime (about 200k) and an archive to
> hold the actual logic and data, updating the
> system becomes a matter of swapping the old
> archive for the new, updated one. You don't,
> for example, run the danger of losing 
> inter-script integrity: dependencies between 
> the scripts within the archive are clear and
> contained. And, last but not least, those
> paranoid of mind can keep the old version
> by simply hanging on to the original application
> archive, knowing they can restore the old setup
> by a simple 1-file replace.

Great feature discussion thread with all the right
key words and lots of references to good and proven

For updating deployed software, I wanted to throw
in and encourage others to look at Java Web Start
technology. Perl (ActivePerl may be) has something
similar, with an extra feature to search for new
software modules. A while back this (the feature
to search and download software modules, similar
to Perl) came up in discussing packages and making
them available from LuaForge. (just a note to myself)