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Mac sees '§' quite right.  And I'm totally beside the point here.. ;P

16.11.2004 kello 10:26, Philippe Lhoste kirjoitti:

 Quinn Tyler Jackson wrote:
OK, the $-grammar for lua is now accepting the files on LuaWiki that I
picked at random.

$-grammar or §-grammar (as per your site)?
Mmm, § is high-Ascii, so I suppose you avoid using it in text mails, so people (Mac?) may see it wrong.
How do you pronounce that?

The question is now -- what am I going to do with a Lua parser? ;-)

- It seems there is a high demand for some simple static checks, like pointing out uses of a uninitialized variables:

local familyName, googleUrl = '', ''
SendTo(GoogleURL, famillyName)

- Lists all global variables, making those declared inside functions standing out. There is a good chance coder may want to make them local, both for optimization (faster) and to avoid name clash (side effects).

- Why not an equivalent for [Exhuberant] CTags? It can be useful for large projects.

- Etc.

Philippe Lhoste
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--  Professional programmer and amateur artist
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