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	Hi David and Danilo,

> > Whilst I understand the logic of putting Lua headers in the
> > <> , I think this makes some rather heavy presumptions about
> > how people Lua are using Lua (especially Win32).
> > I much prefer (and I think it is more appropriate for an
> > addon package) that the quoted form is used.
> I don't understand why you prefer the quoted form for an addon package.
> I think that if you are embedding LuaFileSystem (or any other library) in an
> application "" makes more sense. But if you are compiling it as an external
> library (so or dll) <> is more appropriate.
	Sure.  Why did you (David)  mentioned "especially Win32"?
What's the difference?

> > More to the
> > point, the mix of conventions from the kepler project is a
> > potential problem.
> That's why the products are still in alpha or beta stage :-)
> We are working on this kind of "details".
> And we appreciate the feedback! Thanks!
	Yes, we are working on this kind of "details", but I can't find
the "mix of conventions" you mentioned :-(