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> Whilst I understand the logic of putting Lua headers in the 
> <> , I think this makes some rather heavy presumptions about 
> how people Lua are using Lua (especially Win32).
> I much prefer (and I think it is more appropriate for an 
> addon package) that the quoted form is used.

I don't understand why you prefer the quoted form for an addon package.
I think that if you are embedding LuaFileSystem (or any other library) in an
application "" makes more sense. But if you are compiling it as an external
library (so or dll) <> is more appropriate.

> More to the 
> point, the mix of conventions from the kepler project is a 
> potential problem.

That's why the products are still in alpha or beta stage :-)
We are working on this kind of "details".
And we appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

-- Danilo