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I am in the process in bringing Lua up on a Coldfire board with no
FPU.  By changing the NUMBER= line in the lua 'config' file I was able
to compile Lua with support for using integers instead of floats,
which helped a lot.

Has anyone else done this with a recent version of Lua?  I'm wondering
if it causes any problems with lua itself, as well as any popular

Specifically, LuaSocket does not seem to be too happy about it.  For
example, when I tell it to bind to a port using 'socket.bind("*",
1234)' it claims it is listening on port 1084769792, which seems a bit
high for a port number.  The problem showed up in other places, like
socket.time(), as well.

If anyone has some advice for making lua and friends play nicely with
integers, please let me know.

Zachary P. Landau <>